Vercel Teams: Solving Auto Deployment Issues After Upgrading


Recently, after making the switch to Vercel Teams, I ran into an unexpected hiccup – auto deployments were no longer working. If you're someone who relies heavily on continuous integration and deployment, you'll understand the mild panic that can ensue from such issues.

After some research on Vercel's official site, I stumbled upon this tidbit:

In order to deploy commits under a Vercel Team, the commit author must be a member of the Team that contains the Vercel project that is connected to the Git repository.

At first glance, it might seem straightforward, but there's a catch that isn't explicitly mentioned: The email associated with the commit author in Git should match the email used for Vercel Teams.

Digging Deeper

After realizing this, it made sense. When Vercel tries to auto-deploy, it checks the commit author's email to verify if they're a part of the team. If the email isn't recognized or doesn't match any team member's email, Vercel can't ascertain if the commit author has the necessary permissions to deploy. Hence, no auto deployment.

The Solution

The fix is relatively simple, but it might not be immediately obvious if you're unaware of how Git and Vercel interact.

To align your Git commit email with your Vercel Teams email, follow these steps:

  1. Open your terminal.
  2. Use the following command to update your global Git configuration with the email you used for Vercel Teams:
git config --global "YOUR_EMAIL"

Replace "YOUR_EMAIL" with the email address you've used for Vercel Teams.

Once you've done this, any future commits you make will have the correct email address attached. This should resolve the auto deployment issue with Vercel Teams.

This might seem like a minor oversight, but it emphasizes the importance of understanding how integrated tools communicate with each other. While Vercel provides fantastic tools and services, as developers, it's our job to ensure every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly.

I hope this article saves someone the time and headache I initially experienced. Happy coding and deploying!

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